Finish Magic



I have been in the paint and finish industry for 30 years. I have enjoyed my line of work and continue to enjoy it because of the satisfaction I feel with every job I complete.

Every home and business is unique. It should be enjoyed to it’s fullest by complimenting the architectural features already designed in the home and if that is not enough the proper coloring will most definitely highlight the beauty of a home or office. A job done well will enrich any home or office and will extend the look that you want it to have.

A lot of money can be saved and the decorating dollar can stretch much further with a consultation. I have transformed many kitchen cabinets, studies, master bath cabinetry, crown molding, stairways, trim, doors and frames. Custom coloring the walls with paint or faux finishes such as European color glazing, Venetian plaster, old world plastering, suede, or metallic finishing will totally transform a home or business. It will make any space more inviting and pleasant to be in.

Enjoy the pictures and let your mind entertain the possibilities that can create a new environment for you. 

Amazing Finishes for all Surfaces of

Your Home